Connie Pictures

Over the course of our time in China, the PSU interns have had the opportunity to pose for pictures in various iconic locales.  We call these non-candid photo-ops “ConniePics” in honor of Dr. Connie Ozawa, our PSU-China guru and distinguished director of the Toulan School.  Along with repeating her “stay flexible” mantra, we pay homage to her with ConniePics because we thought it would be nice to show her that we’re still alive and having a good time.  Since we didn’t end up sending them as we went, here are some of our favorites from the last two months…hope you enjoy them, Connie!

Collin, Elizabeth (GA Tech), Alex, Caroline
Oriental Pearl Building, Shanghai

Caroline and Alex with new Chinese friends
Bride Beach, Guangdong province

Andy, Alison, Caroline, Alex, (and Nick)
Lizhi Park, Shenzhen

Caroline, Alex, Alison, Andy
Kowloon waterfront, Hong Kong

Caroline, Alison, Andy
World’s longest people-mover, Hong Kong

Alex, Caroline, Alison, Collin
Urban Planning Museum, Shanghai

Alison, Andy, Alex
Shenzhen Bay Park, Shenzhen

Caroline, Alison, Andy
Yangshuo, Guilin

Caroline and Alex
CAUPD-SZ Office ConniePic


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