"Rubble Street" to Zhenhua Road.

A brief illustration of construction in Shenzhen.
Zhenhua Rd. is a three lane road with wide sidewalks just around the corner from the UPDIS offices. In order to build out the Yannan Metro Station on the Shekou line, this portion of Zhenhua was ripped up and replaced. Yannan Station was already operational when I arrived (I can’t imagine the chaos during that phase of construction), so in just a few weeks Andy and I have seen what we had affectionately had deemed “Rubble Street” be restored to a once again bustling business corridor.
Upon arrival (July 6).
And repaved (July 19) with people (myself included) still treating it like a Pedestrian Street.

2 thoughts on “"Rubble Street" to Zhenhua Road.

  1. You can really tell how fast it was built. Ramps end a good four inches above street grade and it seems that very little attention was given to drainage. And then there's those big ugly screens everywhere…


  2. Alex says:

    never give up! peds4life!


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