Flooding Chongqing (Updated)

Flooded downtown Chongqing (Yuzhong District) on Tuesday. Source: Xinhua News Agency

You have probably heard a lot in the Western media about the flooding going on in Beijing due to torrential downpours. (If not, here’s coverage from NYTimes, BBC, and China People’s Daily.) But you may not have heard that the Yangtze River has also decided to flood and areas of downtown Chongqing (Yuzhong District) and the parts of the city across the Jialing (Jiangbei District) and Yangtze River (Nan’an and Jiulongpo Districts) are now under murky water. Having just visited both Yuzhong and Nan’an Districts on Sunday before the flooding, it seemed a post was in order. The images below (mostly from Sunday) are paired with flood images taken on Tuesday by a Xinhua News Agency photographer (the rest of their images can be found in the gallery here).


I added two more sets of pictures after learning that the ancient port town of Ciqikou (near Shapinba) is also underwater now. We visited Ciqikou on Saturday. Click here to view the rest of my images of this unique old town before it was flooded.

It is very timely that Jenny and I were just today presenting to planners and one of the Vice-Presidents of the CAUPD Western Branch on the topic of planning methods in the US, including Environmental Impact Statements. Images from studies showing flooded Manhattan and San Francisco (due to climate change impacts) were of great interest.

Added: Port Gate of Ciqikou


The port gate on Saturday full of people, with a busy market selling food and crafts. Source: Me


The flooded market area (center) and port gate (on the right). Source: Xinhua News Agency

Added: Ciqikou Central Shopping Street


The central street on Saturday night. Source: Me


The central shopping street flooded. Source: Xinhua News Agency

Nanbing Road (Nan’an District)


Children place in the park between Nanbing Road and the Yangtze River shoreline. Source: Me


Man crosses Nanbing Road (park in the distance background). Source: Xinhua News Agency

Chaotianmen Gate


Chongqing’s Chaotianmen Gate at the meeting of the Jialing and Yangtze Rivers. Source: Echinacities


The top of the Chaotianmen Gate structure rises above the flooded rivers. Source: Xinhua News Agency

Base of the Petronas Towers Sheraton Hotel


Base of the Sheraton Hotel and surrounding gardens on Sunday. Source: Me


The gardens at the base of the Sheraton Hotel submerged. Source: Xinhua News Agency

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5 thoughts on “Flooding Chongqing (Updated)

  1. Andy says:

    Incredible. Stay safe. Watch out for open manholes.



  2. Colin Rowan says:

    Seriously watch out for open manholes; there were sanitation workers posted near open grates in Beijing to make sure no one was drawn in with the current.


  3. Luckily we are quite a bit north of the river, so there is no flooding where we live. I won’t be down by the river again until this weekend, however, Jenny is traveling around the city today (by car) with her team and a camera. She may have some interesting aftermath images to post.


  4. Colin Rowan says:

    as an aside, those twin-gilded-Big-Ben towers of the Sheraton are ah-may-zing!


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