My mind is always in the garbage…

I have been in China for over three weeks. Before arriving at my internship, I traveled with my dad to Beijing and then by high speed train to Hong Kong. Along the way, I snapped a few shots to help describe some of the waste minimization efforts I’ve observed. I will continue to add to this album as I accumulate more photos and knowledge about waste practices.

Public Recycling

Nearly everywhere I’ve been, I’ve noticed public recycling. And I’ve been impressed by the receptacles- generally color coded, with simple instructions and imagery- often in multiple languages. In populated areas, they are convenient and plentiful (they better be with so many millions of people!). I’ve snooped inside a few cans and noticed some pretty solid behaviors too… and when good behavior is not enough…

Hand Sorting of Recyclables

…they hand sort! Everywhere I go- hotels, restaurants, public areas, etc., I notice hand sorting of the trash and recycling for plastics and glass. Sure, there are reimbursements for these recyclables, but the point is they do it!

Glass Bottle Reuse

Better yet, glass bottles- namely bottles used for Coca Cola products – are sorted and returned to the bottling plant for reuse. After being cleaned, refilled and recapped, they are back on the shelves- ready to quench your thirst while weighing less on your conservationist conscience.

Carbon-neutral Curbside Pickup to Neighborhood Transfer Stations

With dense populations, and narrow, busy streets, how do you transport all that curbside waste? The answer? On three-wheeled bicycle trucks! But bike-trucks fill up quickly and can’t travel far, so what’s the deal? Small neighborhood transfer stations, of course! The bikes service the immediate neighborhood and drop full loads at small-scale transfer stations where trucks come to haul it off. Pretty nifty, right?

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One thought on “My mind is always in the garbage…

  1. chinapsu says:

    Congratulations to being the first post in 2014!
    In China, most trash can be sold for money, that somehow promoted the recycling from individuals, in my mind.


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