China’s Unsolved Mysteries…

Hey everyone, all of the interns here in China would like to thank you for taking the time to read and share in our summer adventures. As we have been traveling and exploring Chinese cities and culture we often come across language and norms that just don’t… quite… translate. Or even have a logical explanation as far as we can tell. So this gave us an idea we want to test out with YOU our faithful readers. Periodically throughout our journeys and experiences this summer we will post pictures or written scenarios illustrating behaviors that we just can’t explain called “China’s Unsolved Mysteries”. So it is up to you the reader to come up with your best guess as to why?

To give our first example: Often on the streets of the hutongs (see Christine’s post about hutongs for more info) you see cars parked like this…

photo 1 photo 2



What do you think the cardboard is doing/protecting?

Leave comments folks! And search for China Unsolved Mysteries for more fun guessing!


5 thoughts on “China’s Unsolved Mysteries…

  1. chinapsu says:

    This is a great one! Honestly I checked with my friends in China to get the answer. I want to wait to hear other people’s guesses!


  2. szilviahc says:

    I did not see this in China myself last year but I have seen similar things done in Europe. So my guess is that the cardboard is there for protection from the sun. Strong sun damages tires so they go bad faster.


  3. atparish says:

    My guess is it has something to do with parking regulations. Does it make it just difficult enough to chalk mark the tire or slap on a boot?


  4. Jackie Bliss says:

    I think it’s to protect the wheels and brakes from road grime being kicked up onto them.


  5. leematthew82 says:

    Great guesses everyone. And while they are all possible answers, people in China have told us the reason they put cardboard on the wheels is to keep dogs from urinating on them! Stay tuned for future rounds of China’s Unsolved Mysteries…


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