Project update

It seems surreal, I am half-way through my internship at CADG! I still need to find a way to upload the folders upon folders of pictures I have on my phone – I am hoping to sort that out this week.

This last week, or week and a half, has been a little rough. My health took a dive and it took several days just to feel slightly normal again. I think I have discovered some food allergies which have been compromising my system. Thankfully, you can find almost anything you need in any pharmacy in Beijing (but it’s still a good idea to do a little research before going).

The street assessment project is progressing really well. We are studying a street park know as Huangchenggen Relic Site Park and it’s immediately adjacent area. As it stands, the project is comprised of three main elements: 1. a built environment and design assessment (drawing mainly from CPTED theory and Intelligent Urbanism theory, as well as a few of Jan Gehl’s books), 2. a set of “key sites” profiles (detailing how and when people use the most heavily used sites in our study area), 3. a collection of interviews gauging why people like the places we are studying and/or what they would want to see in this space. We have almost wrapped up the built environment assessment, and starting on Sunday we will be diving deeper into the human activities occurring within our study area. I am really excited for this portion – I just wish I could talk with our participants in Chinese! Thankfully, Yang Huiyi – my creative and industrious colleague will be there to speak with our participants (while I look friendly and hold a recorder). I anticipate some fantastic responses.

We will be wrapping up our primary data collection on this upcoming Thursday, and then I will see what I can make out of our results in my last 2 weeks. I hope to have some decent rough drafts of my work to pass on to my colleagues. Perhaps, if I can find the time to revisit the work in Fall term I could transform this into an independent study paper for MURP… This goal will be driving me to work hard during my last few weeks here.

Well, that’s probably enough work-talk for a Saturday night. I will try to check in in the next couple days. LLAP.

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One thought on “Project update

  1. Yiping says:

    An Chinese interviewing with an American holding a sound recorder… What a scene! I bet there were lots of questions about you.


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