Architecture Nerd – Hannah

Hi all,

I wanted to share some of the photos I’ve been taking as I’ve explored around Beijing. Much of what I’m interested in is urban design and architecture, so a lot of my photos are of buildings, etc. I’ll try to add in some human interest photos, as well.

These are some of my highlights from the last few weeks!


First day of work at CADG! We are in a very attractive building that is just about a 10 minute walk from our dorm. Thanks to Jasmine for taking the obligatory photo.


Enjoying this Le Corbusier (famous architect for you non-nerds) call-out at the edge of the tennis courts right next to my dorm.


Very exciting structure dedicated to a queen mother (or something?) at Beihei Park, where I went to run one Saturday morning. Despite being there at the moment the gates opened, the park was already packed and I had to dodge people on the path the whole time! Still a fun place to visit.


Jasmine, expressing the pure joy we felt when we were given plastic gloves to eat our sandwiches. We’re thinking of bringing the sand-hand craze to America. You know you never actually wash your hands before you eat with them, just admit it…


Got caught in a crazy rainstorm in the NW part of the city with Rae-Leigh’s wonderful friend Althea. Of course two native Portlanders colliding in Beijing would cause a massive downpour! It’s only natural.


Jasmine and our colleague Yang on our last descent of the day – we’re getting a little tired of the subway to and from our site.


Beautiful art museum right near our site. I decided to check it out one day.


The museum was showing work by Lao Jia, also known as Jia Haoyi. I really enjoyed this show – very beautiful ink work based off of traditional Chinese brushwork but with a modern flair.


The subway station at Olympic Park…


… where we had a picnic with some colleagues.


Here’s a reminder of another thing that is at Olympic Park (the Bird’s Nest stadium, designed by my company!).


And another thing at the Olympic Park, don’t know what it’s called, but it’s a lookout tower, also designed by an architect at our company! And in exciting news, CADG has also designed and will now get to build another stadium for the 2022 Winter Olympics. Everyone is very excited to have received the bid, as you can imagine!


And this is what I looked like behind the camera for a lot of those above photos, though I have to admit that I’ve stopped wearing my mask most of the time. I figured breathing the air here will be like picking up smoking for just two months of my life, so I’ll be fine so long as I don’t continue to breathe polluted air once I go home – pretty sure I’ll be doing just fine in the fresh Pacific NW!


2 thoughts on “Architecture Nerd – Hannah

  1. Yiping says:

    Is you mask PM2.5 proof? Check the weather forecast everyday before you leave about pollution level. I thought fall is the best time, least polluted in Beijing.


    • hannah.silver says:

      It is PM2.5 proof! The best way to tell if the air is clear is if you can see shadows. 🙂 When you can’t, I find I also don’t need to wear sunscreen, as UV seem to not actually pass through the polluted air…


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