Álvaro Caviedes

Álvaro Caviedes – CADG, Beijing

Álvaro was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. He received his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at the Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia. His time at Universidad de Los Andes was combined with education and research experience in bicycle planning, BRT systems, air quality and noise. After graduating he joined an organization called Despacio where he worked on urban development, climate change, and low carbon policies projects in developing countries in South America and Africa. He is currently pursuing the dual master’s degree program in Transportation Engineering and Urban Planning at Portland State University.  Álvaro is interested in finding strategies to produce humane and sustainable urban spaces, while promoting global health through improving the quality of our built and natural environments. He is excited to go to Beijing to examine planning and environmental issues, especially as it relates to rapidly growing cities.

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