Eric Rutledge

Eric Rutledge – UPDIS, Shenzhen 

Eric received a double major in Geography and Environmental Studies from San Francisco State University and is currently a first year Master of Urban and Regional Planning candidate at Portland State University. Prior to coming to Portland, Eric spent 3 years working for a land conservancy based in Half Moon Bay, California. During his summer internship at the Urban Planning and Design Institute of Shenzhen, Eric will advance research related to the city’s urban villages. Shenzhen’s urban villages are the last source of affordable housing for millions of rural migrants and young adults hoping to find economic prosperity in the city. However, Shenzhen has run out of buildable land and now the urban villages are targets of large-scale urban renewal projects. As the urban renewal process is relatively new in China, Eric hopes to help inform the process by sharing successes and failures from American cities.

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