Olivia Holden

Olivia Holden – UPDIS, Shenzhen

Olivia received a bachelor’s degree in Regional Planning from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Small town charm and rural planning were not enough for her, so she decided to take a leap and move west to study planning in an urban place, Portland, OR. She is now a first year Master of Urban and Regional Planning candidate at Portland State University. Prior to relocating she spent two years advancing her career at Indiana County Office of Planning & Development (ICOPD). The majority of her efforts revolved around community-based activism promoting active transportation, implementing curbside recycling for all people within the county, and managing a comprehensive plan update for the small town of Clymer, PA. Olivia is known for jumping on every opportunity and remaining optimistic in every situation. During her summer internship at the Urban Planning and Design Institute of Shenzhen (UPDIS), Olivia will indulge herself in the evolution of participatory planning specific to Shenzhen and how it has affected the city’s effort to provide socially inclusive spaces for all people. Ultimately, her research will better inform jurisdictions, practicing planners, and not-for-profits of these multiple levels of participatory planning and how public involvement can transform a public space from a passive to active place.

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