Brakes of Beijing

Beijing has many bikes. These bikes all have brakes.


Ofo Bike

This bike by the Ofo bicycle rental company has belt brakes on the front and rear wheels:


Ofo Front Belt Brake


Ofo Rear Belt Brake

Belt brakes are very China.


mobike bike

This very fancy single-tine fork and single-chainstay/no-seatstay bike by the mobike bicycle rental company looks like it has disk brakes front and rear. Let’s take a closer look.


mobike rear

It’s a disk brake in the back. What about the front?


mobike front

It’s a fake disk on a drum brake! Those jokers!

Look at this old-fashioned brake. It’s a single level across both ends of the handlebars attached to a rod that pulls together the brake pads to squeeze the rim. Cables must have been hard to come by back in this bike’s day.


rod brake lever


rod brake pads

rod 1

rod brake, forgive the artifact of the panorama composition

A bicycle rental company may even use more than one model of bicycle. Here, we see another mobike bicycle.


mobike with a belt brake and fun tires

It has a belt brake in the rear, but also of note are its non-pneumatic tires. The tires flex with many tiny holes that allow the solid rubber to give in when the road is rough. It is like riding a Nike Air.

In conclusion, Beijing is a land of contrasting bicycle brakes.


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