Derek Dauphin

Originally from Washington State where he earned bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Biology at UW, Derek came to Portland after spending four years in Edinburgh (UK) managing biotech research programs. While serving as Sustainability Advisor for a UK university, he developed a passion for renewable energy, energy conservation, and green building that led to him to the MURP program. At PSU, Derek studies strategies for urban growth that reduce GHG emissions through economic development policies and the application of Smart Growth.

As an intern at planning firm Cogan Owens Cogan, Derek is working on sustainable development projects. In his free time, he has volunteered with the City’s Green Building Program, carried out Institute for Sustainable Solutions funded research on student transportation costs, and serves on the Membership Committee for the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition. Having traveled extensively, he is interested in international planning, and will be interning with the Chinese central planning authority this summer and studying in Cuba in December. He eats good food wherever he goes.

Site Assignment: CAUPD, Chongqing (Western Branch)

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