Shavon Caldwell

Shavon Caldwell is in her first year of the Master of Urban and Regional Planning program at Portland State University where she is specializing in Land Use.  Originally from the Colorado Front Range area, Shavon earned her BA in Geography and Environmental Systems from the University of Colorado in 2004.  Upon graduation Shavon moved on to complete a graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems from the University of Denver in 2007. While in Colorado, Shavon worked for a variety of public and private agencies including Native Communities Development Corporation, Town of Castle Rock Utilities, Urban Land Conservancy and XeDAR Geospatial.  Through her work at these agencies Shavon gained a diverse array of skills and interests including spatial analysis, database management, resource management, impact assessment, water conservation, urban tree inventorying and assessment, storm water cost analyses, land banking and community development.

As a graduate research assistant, Shavon works for the Center for Integrated Multi-Scale Modeling investigating ways to link decision makers and the public to high-powered computer modeling, visualization technologies and spatial data.  Shavon ‘s academic interests include: citizen engagement and public participation, the use of open source technology in collaboration and public participation,  the use of scientific and technical information in public decision making, the interaction between land use and transportation policies and climate action planning.  As a Portland newbie, Shavon enjoys spending her free time exploring the city and surrounding areas.

Site Assignment: CAUPD, Beijing

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