Matt Lee


Biopic_china_MLMatthew Lee’s background as a conservationist has led to his curiosity in how humans impact and interact with the environment. Previously working with the National Park Service as a plant ecologist he became fascinated with the wildland-urban gradient, which led him to pursue a Master of Urban and Regional Planning at Portland State University. Matthew is interested in how people can expand the capacity of the urban form to facilitate greater ecological processes and biodiversity through the integration of nature and low-impact development. He currently works for the Institute for Natural Resources where he assists in mapping species population distributions and classifies ecological communities throughout the Pacific Northwest.


One thought on “Matt Lee

  1. Jeff Stanton says:

    Hello Matt! This might seem wierd. But, are you worldwargreen from a4a? If so, I’m seatone. Email me at, I was thinking it’d be nice to meet, but you dissapeared.


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