Meet the Interns!

During the Summer of 2015, graduate students from Portland State University’s Master of Urban & Regional Planning program will intern with planning bureaus through two cities in China. Assignments include offices for the Chinese Academy of Urban Planning and Design (CAUPD) in Beijing, China Architecture and Design Group (CADG) in Beijing, and the Shenzhen Institute of Urban Planning and Design (UPDIS). You can learn more about each of the interns by clicking on their names below.

Lea Anderson – Shenzhen (UPDIS)

Lea is a first year Urban and Regional Planning and Public Health graduate student at Portland State. With several years of study and work in China already under her belt, Lea is particularly excited to be interning with the Urban Planning and Design Institute in Shenzhen this summer where she will be able to apply what she knows of Chinese culture and what she has been studying at PSU to her work as an urban planning intern. She intends to pursue a career working primarily in and for East Asian megacities after graduation, with a special interest in analyzing community health issues related to urban planning practices and policies.

Lauren Patton – Beijing (CAUPD)

Lauren is completing the MURP program in 2015 with a concentration in environmental planning. She has a background in international development and has been working with renewable energy organizations in Portland. She hopes to continue working on renewable energy, climate change adaptation, and resiliency planning in China, during and after the internship with CAUPD. Lauren is relocating to China with her husband and will not be returning to the U.S. for at least a year or two, so this internship is the first stage of a longer China adventure.

Jasmine Rucker – Beijing (CADG)

Jasmine is a first year MURP student and her studies are primarily focused on community economic development. Currently, she is working on policy development and community engagement for the People’s Plan, with the Portland African American Leadership Forum. Her goal as a planner is to help the otherwise disempowered engage with and inform the planning process.

At the core, what drives her is an interest in structural inequality — as a direct result of social policy — and how it manifests spatially. She is curious whether inequality looks different in a Chinese context than in the United States, and whether this type of work is included within the scope of urban planning in China. Jasmine is also interested in the privatization of housing in China, and the impacts of this shift on equity. She hopes to spend her time in Beijing working on a local development project, learning more about government policy and conducting independent field research.

Hannah Silver – Beijing (CADG)

Hannah will graduate from the PSU Master of Urban and Regional Planning program in June 2015 with a concentration in Land Use. She earned a B.S. of Architecture at the University of Virginia in 2012 and spent the following year leading construction at the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity. Hannah works as a research assistant for PSU’s Center for Public Interest Design on a project in Sacramento that focuses on creative, resident- and design-based rehabilitation of several historically disinvested neighborhoods. She is especially interested in China’s approach to consensus around urban design decisions.

Rae-Leigh Stark – Shenzhen (UPDIS)

Rae-Leigh is a 2016 Master of Urban and Regional Planning candidate, specializing in transportation. She is on a mission to plan for better bicycling and walking environments as she feels it creates healthy, happy people and helps foster greater community connections. Her interest was sparked during bike adventures throughout Europe and pedaling across the US. She is excited to spend the summer in Shenzhen, exploring the city, enjoying the exposure to a new culture, and gaining a different perspective of planning.


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