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Beijing to Shenzhen

Flight from Beijing to Shenzhen takes only four hours. Unfortunately most of the way it was cloudy and I was able to see only the area near Beijing, some countryside between the two cities, and an area on approach to Shenzhen.


Flying over China, one cannot help to notice that different parts of country have different approach to planning.

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北川 – Old Beichuan, New Beichuan

Old Beichuan, before and after the earthquake.

In our last week in Chongqing, Derek and I were invited to take part in a four-day new employee  training trip with others from our office. We hopped in a van-bus on 25 August and drove to Beichuan, about a four-hour drive from Chongqing. Here, we met with over 100 planners from the other CAUPD offices. For many of our coworkers, this meant reuniting with university classmates.

Prepping for one of many group pictures.

Over the long weekend, we toured sites in Beichuan and Chengdu. Beichuan presented a unique opportunity, as the city was destroyed in an earthquake that affected many areas of  Sichuan Province in 2008 and was subsequently rebuilt (with lots of participation by CAUPD) in a different location, leaving the rubble as a tourist site. We spent time exploring both the old and new cities, so I wanted to give you a peek at what this planned-from-the-ground-up city looks like.

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Hot Pot 火锅

MandMX.com’s “Ode to Chongqing Hot Pot”

As I mentioned in my first blog post, Chongqing is famous for its hot pot meals. Though it’s possible to get hot pot throughout the world (including Portland), we’ve been told that the dish originated in Chongqing. Hot pot is both spicy-hot and burn-your-tongue hot, and eating it is definitely a unique experience worthy of a short blog post.

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