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Reasons to be a Fearful Pedestrian in China

A chaotic intersection in Chongqing

Jenny’s excellent post on being a pedestrian in Yubei District inspired me to think a bit more about the legal basis for our observations about pedestrians in China. I have noticed over the last 2 weeks that Chinese pedestrians always yield to cars even when they are using crosswalks and have a green walk light. They don’t seem irritated or angry at having to yield, but instead appear fearful and I’ve seen many pedestrians run across the crosswalk. This was surprising to me given how daring they seem to be about entering the roadway (as Jenny points out). My experiences travelling to similarly traffic intensive places, particularly Delhi, I am usually struck by how confident pedestrians are that cars will avoid hitting them at all costs regardless of when and how they cross. A quick Google search turned up the following paragraph from Factsanddetails.com. If it is accurate, it does clarify the situation quite a bit…

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