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A Day in the Life of an American Planning Intern at CAUPD Western Branch

Entrance to the CAUPD.WB Offices. Source: Me

As Jenny and I get closer to the end of our time in China, we thought it would be nice to write a light hearted post about an average day for us working at CAUPD’s Western Branch (CAUPD.WB). Writing this post has not been as easy as I thought it would be because what we do can vary considerably day to day, but I’ve done my best to include this variety where it usually occurs.

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Historic Redevelopment in Southwest China

The Library at Wenshu Buddhist Monastery, Chengdu. Source: Me

Living in Europe for four years, I developed an interest in how different people treat their historic structures. Edinburgh, where I lived, is one of the largest UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world, with both New and Old Town areas that make up the city center built between the 1300s and 1700s (my first flat was in a building erected in 1530). By comparison, Portland is a very young city, but as one of the oldest cities on the US West Coast, it has a rich history and has done some impressive preservation of its own. China’s modernization during the 20th century often came at the cost of its rich cultural heritage, a process that has gained speed over 30 years of economic reform. But what is China’s view of historic preservation today?

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Green Chongqing

Road trip!

Chongqing is becoming known for its rapid urbanization, but it has long been known for its mountains and rivers. Last week, I found out that I will be helping with a CAUPD project that aims to preserve greenspace and protect the quality of the mountains and rivers in Chongqing during the process of rapid urbanization.

Last week, I spent three days on the road with CAUPD staff, attending meetings with district government officials and making site visits. Since I can’t understand or converse in Mandarin (all attempts to do so have proven futile, but I’ll keep trying), I mostly just tagged along to see the sights. I expect that I will continue working on this project and will provide more detailed updates later, but I thought I would share a different view of the municipality and give some insight into the early stages of this type of planning process.

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